A unique gift idea your spouse will love: custom portrait by Tuesday Mourning

Tuesday Mourning PortraitI wanted to get my wife some artwork for her office. I didn’t want your desktop framed family photo, but rather something to put on her wall. I take a fair amount of photos so I thought maybe get one enlarged and framed would be nice. That was until I came across a very cool artist and illustrator on Etsy, an e-commerce and community site.  Etsy always somewhat bewildered me – too much random stuff and hard to find what you’re looking for, in my opinion. The few times I’d been on there, I was overwhelmed – no wonder they even have a “ways to shop” feature.  “Buy, sell and live handmade” is their tagline. Sounds pretty hippy-ish, but it’s backed by over $50 million of venture capital money, so not-for-profit it is not.

So back to the cool artist and illustrator.  Via another blog (which I can’t remember now), I came across Tuesday Mourning, an artist and illustrator (of children’s books, for example) that had a store on Etsy. I liked her style a lot (distinctive, cool, whimsical) and inquired as to how long it would take to get a custom portrait done (which she offered for sale for $80). As always, I wasn’t exactly ahead of schedule on my Christmas shopping, but she promptly responded and said she could have it done in a few days. A day later I received the first sketch for review via email. I asked for a small tweak to the portrait which she promptly made and, a few days later, I had my portrait in hand. Total time to gratification, including shipping: less than a week.

The portrait was a hit. It was a really unique (and relatively inexpensive) gift that my luxe-loving spouse really appreciated. Score one for the home team!

You can find her work at http://www.tmourning.com/

You can find her blog at http://tmourning.blogspot.com/

You can find her Etsy store at http://www.etsy.com/shop/tuesdaymourning

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