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How Things Change: Start Cola Earlier!

Start Cola Earlier

My two year old beats up on her boyfriend


  My not yet two year old daughter is in an abusive relationship. And while I somewhat jest here, abusive relationships are no laughing matter. People in abusive relationships often show patterns of abuse going back many years, across many relationships, whether they are the perpetrator or the victim. Where does it start? When can it start?…

PASS: Marc Weissbluth’s “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child”


Even before having a child, expecting parents start to have sleepless nights. Everyone from your family members, friends and colleagues – as well as complete strangers – will offer various kinds of advice, tricks, tips, potions, magic tricks, warnings or horror stories as it relates to a a baby’s sleep. The Offspring-Industrial Complex (OIC) is…

5 steps to unspoil your child after the holidays

iPad addict

The holidays are over. You’ve cleared out the tree, taken down the decorations, escorted all your relatives out of the house, gawked at your latest credit card bill and implemented your latest attempt at New Year’s resolutions. Now all that’s left is to turn your children back into the well behaved and polite human beings…

PASS: What To Expect books… Just don’t go overboard

what to expect

One of the biggest players in the parenting section of the Offspring Industrial Complex is the “What To Expect…” series of books. It’s pretty much impossible to avoid as a first-time parent and doing so would probably be declared reckless and stubborn. The book’s wikipedia entry is impressive in its own: Originally published in 1984,…