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The Definitive Dad’s Guide to Feeding your Baby Solids

Munchkin long baby spoons

All that you need to know about feeding baby: find out which feeding utensils and accessories work and which do not!

Baby Says Yum: Risotto with Roasted and Sun-dried Tomatoes


Savory and delicious. via macheesmo.com I recently discovered Nick’s great cooking blog from a guy’s point of view, Macheesmo. The recipes are interesting and the whole atmosphere is a lot of fun. His step-by-step photos of the recipes are both entertaining and instructive. We love risotto in our house, including the little one. Risotto is…

Baby says Yum: Easy Bulgur


Each time I make bulgur at home, it’s usually finished by the time I get around to taking any pictures. The bulgur below is pretty simple, but it’s easy to make, very tasty and can be eaten hot or at room temperature. The bulgur has a mellow nutty flavor and is moist and savory.

Baby says Yum: Pasta alla Norma

Pasta All Norma

Our toddler is quite the pasta lover, so it was not a stretch for her to like this dish. When I was kid, I found the look and texture of eggplant kind of creepy, especially when halved and baked (made think of jelly fish). In this dish, the eggplant is peeled and diced in bite sizes so it becomes creamy and full of flavor.

Sous-vide Turkey: how’s this for a non-traditional thanksgiving?


First, after chop­ping off the joints to expose the two bones inside the wing, we cure the turkey wing seg­ments in a dry rub of salt and sugar for 24 hours. The turkey wing as it cures in the sous vide bag. After a day of cur­ing, we rinse the cure off of the wing and…