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The Definitive Dad’s Guide to Feeding your Baby Solids

Munchkin long baby spoons

All that you need to know about feeding baby: find out which feeding utensils and accessories work and which do not!

AWESOME: Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Synergy Review

baby bjorn 1-1

Lots of choices in baby carriers They can be front packs, back packs, slings or wraps, but it seems that no one can do without some sort of baby carrier. This is one item that we’ve used quite a bit, especially when traveling (which is typically by plane). When I did some homework on the…

How to Stay Sane with Baby Music

Coldplay Rockabye Baby Lullaby

The current generation of adults doesn’t count their music collection in terms of albums, but rather in terms of Gigabytes. Since the rise of mp3’s and later iTunes and all things digital, we can boast of our music collections in data intensive ways. Odds are that we also probably own (but not necessarily possess) more music than…

AWESOME: Orbit Stroller (G1)…and choosing a stroller that’s right for you

[singlepic id=2 w=320 h=240 float=] If there’s one thing a father should get excited about, is the purchase of his first stroller. Say What? If you can’t get excited about strollers, you just need to remind yourself that they are just another vehicle. They can be ultimate driving machines or comfortable mini vans, with pizza…