Sous-vide Turkey: how’s this for a non-traditional thanksgiving?

First, after chop­ping off the joints to expose the two bones inside the wing, we cure the turkey wing seg­ments in a dry rub of salt and sugar for 24 hours.

The turkey wing as it cures in the sous vide bag.

After a day of cur­ing, we rinse the cure off of the wing and vac­uum seal it with a bit of clar­i­fied but­ter. Then we cook it sous vide at 58 °C / 136 °F for 12 hours. Immediately after pulling the wing out of the bath, we pull the bones out of the wing while its flesh is still warm. If the wing has been prop­erly cooked, the bones should just slide right out. Once the seg­ments have cooled, they are ready to be dusted in potato starch and panfried.

Now, this looks pretty awesome, provided you have 24 hours to cure the meat, 12 hours to cook, not to mention a sous-vide cooking machine…

It’s still pretty cool though.

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