PASS: NoseFrida nasal aspirator (kinda gross, but works wonders)

Helping a congested baby or toddler is quite a task. While blowing one’s nose seems like an easy, almost primal, thing to do, it is an acquired skill and one that is hard to teach before they’re at least two or so (and even then, just because they may know, they may still prefer to be full of snot). A baby that’s completely congested and unable to breath well is quite a disconcerting sight (and sound) so we have to turn to other tricks to clear their nasal passages.
At first we tried the classic suction bulb but the suction created by such devices just did not have enough power to do the job. At the recommendation of a friend, as is often the case, we tried the NoseFrida nasal aspirator ( It’s pretty simple, kinda nasty when you think about it, but it simply works.
The device consists of a tapered plastic tube (the light blue shown in the photos) attached to a longer and thinner clear plastic tube. The blue tube is designed to be gently inserted into the offending nasal passage. It’s tapered so it will fit in even a newborn’s nose and tapered so that it you jabbing their frontal lobe either. The end of the plastic tube is inserted into the variable suction power system that is commonly referred to as your mouth. The tubes are connected with a little sponge-like filter in between to keep giving you a taste of phlegm.
So yes, you’re essentially doing mouth-to-snot suction therapy, so it’s perhaps not the most appetizing or sophisticated thing you could be doing, but not the worst either (leaky diaper, anyone?).
Now, as simple as it may seem, to read the instructions or check out the simple video on the website because this father got it wrong for quite a while…
We were lucky enough to our baby wasn’t sick very much at all during her first year. But once she started to go to the burning man of germs that is nursery school when she was about 18 months old, she seemed to have a steady stream of snot coming out of her nose from months on end as germs and coming colds partied their way through each kid and back again. So until she learns how to blow her nose properly (and does it willingly), the NoseFrida is going to have some work to do for some time to come.
She doesn’t exactly like it when we use it… but it’s for her own good. Having an extra set of hands to keep that head from moving definitely helps too.
I never tried those battery powered nasal aspirators, so can’t speak for them. Anyone have a view on those?
The bottom line is that the Nose Frida does it job very well and it’s simple to use, inexpensive, and easy to care for.

Grade: Pass

Cost: Low

Value: Under valued

Lifespan: 2+ years (or until they can blow their nose well)

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