AWESOME: Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Synergy Review

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Synergy Asleep

Lots of choices in baby carriers

They can be front packs, back packs, slings or wraps, but it seems that no one can do without some sort of baby carrier. This is one item that we’ve used quite a bit, especially when traveling (which is typically by plane). When I did some homework on the topic, my criteria was that I wanted something that could be used right away and for as long as possible. It was also important that both my wife and I could use it comfortably – both physically and emotionally.

Extra back support extends the life of the carrier (as well as your back’s)

So based on that, slings just didn’t work me (see exhibit A on why).  We ultimately gravitated to the front carrier style Baby Bjorn (Ed: I can’t figure out how to do umlauts on the web) although others were also interesting like the Ergo series.  In choosing which particular Baby Bjorn, we went for the Baby Bjorn. Our child is now 19 months and we just used the Baby Bjorn on our last trip. My wife is 5’4 and had no problems carrying our daughter around in it. Granted, it’s probably the last time we really use it on a trip, but it’s served us quite well.


Grade: Awesome

Cost: Medium / High

Value: Fairly valued

Lifespan: Up to 26lbs/12kg (19 months in our case)

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Synergy

3 Responses to AWESOME: Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Synergy Review
  1. J. Bird
    February 20, 2011 | 9:50 pm

    I was reading another article on your blog about the foam puzzle mats, and ended up clicking through to this one.

    I am thrilled you found a method of babywearing that works well for your whole family, but could I gently suggest (even if just for information’s sake) that you take a look at these links on carriers like the Bjorn?

    *Disclaimer: I will admit that these articles are written with a bias, and thus I do not mean to offend you with the strong tone of some of them, as I am not the author.

    Thinking Beyond the Bjorn

    Slingbabies! – The Importance of Positioning in a Carrier

    Infant Carriers & Spinal Stress

    Discord with Upright Carrying

    and last but not least a GREAT comparison chart from The Portable Baby:

    I am not saying you need to be doing anything differently or that you are doing anything wrong, more that it is food for thought.

    I am in no way a medically qualified expert – this is just the info I have read and what I have experienced with my own children and through my work with a babywearing education / community group (

    • papa
      Twitter: papalogic
      February 22, 2011 | 8:32 am

      Dear J – good information and thoughtful comments are welcome. We looked into a number of carriers. Important factors were that it fit the two of us and be easily adjustable, was not too hot and was easily removable (e.g. at airports). As much as I think some of the wraps are pretty cool, they didn’t match up well with those criteria, for us at least. We ended choosing between the Ergo and the Bjorn. Our main objective for the Baby Bjorn was for travel and it served us very well for that. We did find that you need to take a little bit of care to adjust it properly for optimal comfort and fit (seems obvious but…). I will also say that several of the issues that some of the articles you mention can and should be handled with some common sense, like supporting your child’s weight, especially when they are little. We preferred to have her facing inwards as well. And yes… some of those articles are quite opinionated without necessarily being that well informed either, to say the least.

      I guess we can reevaluate for the next child at this point!

  2. J. Bird
    February 22, 2011 | 1:42 pm

    Thanks for your reply! Yes I agree actually, I wouldn’t choose a wrap either when travelling – we took a long haul trip when our eldest daughter was 2yo and had an Ergo with us, a total lifesaver in some cases.

    The thing that stands out for me amongst all that information, is that with carriers like the Bjorn all the pressure is placed on the child’s pubic symphysis (middle of the pelvis) – and while their back may be supported their hips are not and their legs seem to dangle quite a bit.

    I used to have a similar style carrier long ago, but found I couldn’t wear it for too long at a time as there was no support for my lower back or my own hips – all the pressure was borne by my shoulders. I know not all Bjorn users have this difficulty though.

    If it were the case, this is the Bjorn I would go for: and I would keep it in the ‘wide’ leg position regardless of the age of the child.

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