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PASS: Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo Review with Video

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumpereoo

While many of you may not have memories of being in an exersaucer or jumperoo, it is likely that there is photographic evidence somewhere of you as a baby stuffed in a pouch and hanging from a doorway by some metal springs of some sort. So our urge to put our children in bouncy contraptions may be somewhat innate or at least subconsciously understandable given our own past.

Baby Says Yum: Risotto with Roasted and Sun-dried Tomatoes


Savory and delicious. via I recently discovered Nick’s great cooking blog from a guy’s point of view, Macheesmo. The recipes are interesting and the whole atmosphere is a lot of fun. His step-by-step photos of the recipes are both entertaining and instructive. We love risotto in our house, including the little one. Risotto is…

5 steps to unspoil your child after the holidays

iPad addict

The holidays are over. You’ve cleared out the tree, taken down the decorations, escorted all your relatives out of the house, gawked at your latest credit card bill and implemented your latest attempt at New Year’s resolutions. Now all that’s left is to turn your children back into the well behaved and polite human beings…

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Circle of blog traffic

Some of my general criticism about blogging has always been that a lot of it lacked true original content, was merely commentary on someone else’s commentary and was often circular conversations among sometimes artificial groups that created a lot of noise. Rising above that noise has become truly challenging which has in turn created more noise about how to rise above it. But I digress…

Baby says Yum: Easy Bulgur


Each time I make bulgur at home, it’s usually finished by the time I get around to taking any pictures. The bulgur below is pretty simple, but it’s easy to make, very tasty and can be eaten hot or at room temperature. The bulgur has a mellow nutty flavor and is moist and savory.

How to Stay Sane with Baby Music

Coldplay Rockabye Baby Lullaby

The current generation of adults doesn’t count their music collection in terms of albums, but rather in terms of Gigabytes. Since the rise of mp3’s and later iTunes and all things digital, we can boast of our music collections in data intensive ways. Odds are that we also probably own (but not necessarily possess) more music than…