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PASS: Fisher-Price Rainforest crib mobile review – doesn’t make calls though

[singlepic id=14 w=320 h=240 float=left]The first time I looked over a list of baby “must-haves”, I was really confused as to the need for a mobile for the crib. I just couldn’t figure out why you need a phone in there. Was it to hear it crying? Did the baby really need to start texting…

FAIL: Foam floor mats banned in France, Belgium. Shouldn’t we all know about this?

EVA foam floor mats

Ordered off the shelves in parts of Europe; all is quiet in the U.S. I actually love these mats. They were great to give some cushion to a crawling baby or unsteady toddler. I was even going to do a post on these being must-haves. Then a couple weeks ago I received news from family and…

A unique gift idea your spouse will love: custom portrait by Tuesday Mourning

Tuesday Mourning Portrait

I wanted to get my wife some artwork for her office. I didn’t want your desktop framed family photo, but rather something to put on her wall. I take a fair amount of photos so I thought maybe get one enlarged and framed would be nice. That was until I came across a very cool…

Baby says Yum: Pasta alla Norma

Pasta All Norma

Our toddler is quite the pasta lover, so it was not a stretch for her to like this dish. When I was kid, I found the look and texture of eggplant kind of creepy, especially when halved and baked (made think of jelly fish). In this dish, the eggplant is peeled and diced in bite sizes so it becomes creamy and full of flavor.

AWESOME: Orbit Stroller (G1)…and choosing a stroller that’s right for you

[singlepic id=2 w=320 h=240 float=] If there’s one thing a father should get excited about, is the purchase of his first stroller. Say What? If you can’t get excited about strollers, you just need to remind yourself that they are just another vehicle. They can be ultimate driving machines or comfortable mini vans, with pizza…

Baby says Yum: Chickpea Ratatouille

Chickpea ratatouille

We love to introduce new and interesting flavors and textures to our toddler’s palate and, although she’s not old enough to make the connection with the Disney movie (yet), my little munchkin loooves this simple recipe for Ratatouille with Chickpeas. It’s delicious, nutritious and easy to eat …

Amazon Mom…Seriously?


via I think that I was responsible for 100% of the ordering of any products purchased on Amazon and probably 70% of the decision making for baby-related products. The Product Strategy is great… The Product Marketing, however, completely misses..